Hi I’m Edmund – The guy behind H3B7

I have over 20 years professional experience as a Software Engineer. From Chief Software Architect to Managing an Applied Research group. Mostly working in C++ and C# with a healthy side serving of Python, MATLAB, Ada and others that are best forgotten.

I have always loved making Games. The First game I made was a clone of The Eye Of The Beholder. This was on the Amiga and developed in AMOS. I still have a floppy disk with the source code; however, I haven’t owned a computer with a disk drive for quite some time… that and I suspect it is not quite as good as I remember.

For games I have been using Unity for the last 4 years. Prior to that I’ve also written a few games in XCode for iOS and a few Flash games.

Why H3B7? Well I spent a while trying to be imaginative but all the names I thought up seemed a bit lame – so I picked a random sequence…

78.7008 is the molar weight of H3B7